The Story Behind BFCN

Buy from china NOW was set up as a purchasing bridge between the UK and China. We now service customers in more than 8 countries and have a range of 2,000 ready to order products!


By George Nesnas

Buy From China NOW was born as way of helping more and more companies purchase goods from China. 10 years ago our clothing company was trading comfortably using European suppliers with long credit lines and fast delivery times. Competition in our market started to get more fierce and we found ourselves competing with large super market chains and our profits started to dwindle.

We began ordering goods from China and making frequent trips to Asia to keep up with the production. As our brand started to develop so did our ties with the country. George Nesnas (Director) moved to China to look after our supply chain and develop new business. We quickly found clients in a range of industries who really appreciated having our attention to detail on their orders. It became apparent to us that the amazing experiences we were having buying from China was not shared by others.

Buying from China completely changed the game for us and allowed our product based business to thrive and become far more profitable. We still run a successful company today buying from China and selling online. We have over 10,000 individual SKUS so over time we have become very good at organising our shipments and controlling stock.

We understand the needs of small and medium sized business who have never purchased in Asia. Understanding how to buy and import from Asia effectively can save a lot of time and money. We make sure we take every step in the process to avoid costly mistakes for our clients.

“Buying from China completely changed the game and allowed our product based business to thrive and become far more profitable.”

After 5 years and visiting almost every city in China Buy from China NOW launched a full range of ready to order products. All products on the site are from trusted factories with a track record for quality control and speed of production. We are regularly adding more and more products which can be ordered directly or full customised to your specification. 

We are lucky enough to meet every factory we deal with which means you can be rest assured you are working with trustworthy people. BFCN can handle the sourcing, purchasing and delivery of your goods from factory to your door!